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Programming Exposed is a free interactive online course that will introduce you to the field of computer programming. It is brought to you by IfWizard Corporation.

With 25 interactive lessons including over 3 hours of exclusive video, fun quizzes, and extensive supplementary material, this online course gives you a unique and thorough introduction to programming. Learn classic programming wisdom and modern technologies with guided exercises in Python, Java, C, Assembly, HTML/Javascript, and SQL. Follow along using your personal computer and discover programming for yourself.

After studying the lessons, have your own programming code personally graded in the final assignment. Earn a passing grade in the course and you'll receive a certificate that you may print or share online with others.

Get the inside scoop on what programming is really like and learn fundamentals that can help you both as a computer user or future programmer. Try this unique online course and discover the joy of programming for yourself!

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